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An artificial intelligence platform that creates powerful employee advocates.
Post recommended content, engage more people, and reach new audiences.

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By empowering your employees to post powerful content, you reach out to more people, steer social media conversations and create an indelible reputation.

ITAO finds the content that builds thought leaders. We deliver only the best content within your industry daily into your app. Our curated articles are insightful for your industry, and would do well within your business circles, attracting leads, creating conversations and increasing your revenue.

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"We use NineConnections to support our employees; we assist them in building their own professional brands and through that represent our company and get our story out. There is a lot going on in our field and helping our staff to curate and suggest what they can share, based on intelligent and self-learning algorithms, is crucial for building our thought leadership."

Ivo Totev, Chief Marketing Officer Unit4


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