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Great content makes great thought leaders.

Content curation and machine learning technology provide the right content
to grow a network.

Stellar Content

ITAO scours through the Internet and delivers the most relevant and insightful content to your app. The articles are carefully curated to your industry so you have new articles every single day. All you need to do is share them. Zero effort, all the glory.

Predictive insights

ITAO can accurately pinpoint the current as well as future popularity of the posts, even before you share them. Choosing what to post has never been easier. It also shows you a report card of all your shares.

Easy sharing

Sharing has never been easier. Just drag and drop the articles you like and ITAO shares them. It can even optimize your sharing for you and share exactly when it’s the right moment. You can just swipe on over to the next article.

Optimized engagement

ITAO optimizes the success of your posts by predicting when your audience is most likely to engage, and posting them at that time. No more metrics and no more data analysis. You share and we take care of the rest!

On average the combined reach of your employees is 6 x larger than your company's own reach on social media.

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